Surveys and Examinations
CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Surveys and Examinations

Survey and Examination Management enables to prepare surveys and examinations for employees, clients, potential clients, or other target masses; apply them from your webpage or in Campus; evaluate the answers; and analyze the results.

  • Questions can be prepared as multiple choice, radio button type, check box type, Yes/No type, date type, or free text type.
  • Pictures can be added to questions.
  • Questions to be asked can be chosen parametically from the participants’ identification information.
  • During the application of surveys or examinations, questions and answer choices can be shuffled.
  • Time limit can be applied in examinations.
  • Examination results are evaluated automatically, and statistical evalutions can be made.
  • Exam results can be sent to the participants via e-mail or SMS.
  • Survey results are analyzed graphically, and can be viewed in Excel or as pdf.
  • Surveys and examinations can be categorized according to different criteria (target masses).
  • Surveys that need to be conducted as a requirement of the ISO rules, and certification exams can be conducted